NFL Divisional Round Predictions

NE 35 vs TEN 31

This game is going to be closer than all the pundits are assuming. Tennessee does not have a terrible team and posses the “x” factor in Marcus Mariota. Mariota showed strides that he has the clutch gene in the Kansas City game last weekend by guiding his team to overcome an 18 point deficit. The Patriots are in turmoil, per the ESPN report, and if true, this can spell the end to their reign. I expect New England to prevail, but Marcus Mariota will put up a strong fight. Expect to see Brady starting to become human and less of the G.O.A.T he once was in this game.

PIT 21 vs JAC 24

Out of all the games this weekend, this feels to be the biggest trap. Jacksonville has one of the strongest defenses in the league, and it showed with their pathetic offensive showing against Buffalo last weekend. Pittsburgh is a team that is dealing with injuries and there is no telling if Antonio Brown will be fully 100% for this game. The Steelers defense will have success against Jacksonville, but their offense will struggle against Jacksonville.

MIN 31 vs NO 42

Drew Brees. Let me say that again, DREW BREES. This man leads the NFL history books in 9 offensive stats for the QB position. A strong argument could be made that he might be the best QB in NFL history, instead of Brady. New Orleans poses one of the greatest offensive game planners in Sean Payton, they posess a player that should win the DROY with Marshon Lattimore and an argument for OROY with Alvin Karma. These two rookies have been dynamic for the Saints and has brought a youth vigor into their lineup that was last saw on their Super Bowl winning season. New Orleans feels like a team that is destined to claim the Lombardi trophy and Minnesota will be nothing but a bump in the road on their destined Super Bowl winning season.

PHI 18 vs ATL 21

Carson Wentz’s ACL is the biggest decider in this game, and Nick Foles is the biggest question mark heading in. While Foles has had success in the past as a starter, that doesn’t mean it will translate to a team that lives and breathes by the play of their promising superstar, Wentz. Atlanta is on a tour of revenge after their pathetic collapse in the previous Super Bowl and Matt Ryan is starting to catch fire. Expect the Falcons to sneak away with a very close win, but this is the game I am most unsure of. The biggest question mark might turn himself into a Super Bowl MVP if he plays as he has in the past. Watch Nick Foles, he’s the deciding factor in this game.

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