NFL Conference Championship Predictions

NE 28 JAC 21

The matchup no one saw coming, is here. The Jacksonville Jaguars have shocked the football world by getting past the Pittsburgh Steelers to get into the AFC Championship. Their magical run unfortunately puts them up against the New England Patriots this week.

The Patriots are the Goliath of the NFL and Jacksonville is your Cinderella, your David in this pairing. Sadly, you won’t see any Biblical realities coming to fruition because Brady and Company will handle this game with ease.

The Patriots are the machine that cannot and will not be stopped on their quest to their potential 6th Super Bowl.

Tom Brady is in a groove, Gronk is being Gronk, Brandin Cooks is showing why he was so badly needed in New England, their backfield is showing a spark, and their defense is playing much better than they did earlier in the year.

Ultimately the Patriots are too powerful of a team for Jacksonville, and Tom Brady is an advantage that cannot be matched.

Here’s a Blake Bortles fact for you: Blake Bortles won’t deliver Jacksonville a miracle upset against the Patriots.

MIN 21 PHI 16

Would you have ever imagined that Case Keenum and Nick Foles would be facing each other in the NFC championship game? Probably not, and if you claim you did, you’re lying to yourself.

This QB matchup is something not even Madden would have imagined. Two bench warming QB’s trying to prove their worth. Keenum took advantage of injuries to both Bradford and Bridgewater to rise from 3rd String to the unquestioned starter. Foles has filled in nicely for an injured Carson Wentz, Philly’s franchise QB.

Both Minnesota and Philadelphia have elite defenses, but the question comes down to which QB will deliver. The only QB who showed the world that he belongs as an NFL starter is Case Keenum. All the proof you need to believe this is to see how Keenum battled one of the greatest QB’s of all time, Drew Brees. Keenum lead Minnesota to the NFC Championsip, and Foles was nothing more than a game manager.

Keenum is the real deal, and he should be the QB of the future for Minnesota. Keenum will lead his Vikings to a Super Bowl at their own stadium.

Expect a nail-bitter, but Keenum will show his heroics once again and deliverer Minnesota a shot at something that has never been down before, a chance to win a Super Bowl at their home stadium.

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