Google Predicts Super Bowl LII

Do you ever wonder if there’s a “big brother” active in this world? While the internet is a place for a very small amount people to make this bold claim, they have never had proof like this before. The proof in question is that Google is showcasing the results for this years’ Super Bowl (LII). How big brother would it be for Google and the NFL to have scripted a Super Bowl match up?

Look at what the Google search engine pulls up for Super Bowl appearances by the Patriots and Vikings.

This search result clearly showcases that Google has established it as a “fact” that the Patriots and Vikings will be meeting each other for an epic Super Bowl match up. A Super Bowl that hasn’t happened yet, by the way.

Now, look at Google shows for the Jaguars and Eagles when you search their name and Super Bowl appearances. 

This clearly shows that both the Eagles and Jaguars have no shot at making the big game. Their results do not show a Super Bowl LII appearance.

If Google says it’s a fact, then it’s a fact. Sorry Eagles and Jaguars’ fans. While almost all conspiracy stories turn out to be untrue, this is one I can get behind. The theory that the NFL scripts games. The NFL has decided the Super Bowl matchup already, according to Google.

Super Bowl LII will see the New England Patriots taking on the Minnesota Vikings.

Are you ready for this matchup?

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