Are the Edmonton Oilers Promoting the “Tide PODs Challenge?”

For those of you who are uncultured swine, the Tide PODs Challenge is the newest internet fad for the professional memers. Essentially, to complete this challenge, you must put a Tide POD into your mouth. I know, idiotic. There was recently a university student who went to the hospital for this stunt. But here’s what even made you click on this link in the first place: the Edmonton Oilers. Everyone who even mildly enjoys the gladiator battle of Hockey knows who the Oilers are, and mostly because of their young stud Connor McDavid. But that’s not who we’re here to talk about. The Edmonton Oilers are inadvertently advertising the Tide PODs challenge with their uniforms. Everybody who knows anything about memes and the culture of such, knows that kids are heavily influenced by anything they see on their screens. Remeber 2012?  But for real, kids follow anything that seems cool or funny these days.

Have you seen the Oilers’ new jerseys?


Pretty cool huh?

Know what it reminds me of?


Tide PODs.

Even YouTube has already banned Tide PODs videos on their website. If the platform that allowed Logan Paul to become famous with his “killer” videos in the first place, finally got their crap together, why can’t the NHL?

Edmonton and the NHL should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their jerseys to be so closely color-coordinated with the Tide PODs. The NHL and all sports organizations should try and alert kids to the danger of eating Tide PODs. Tide has already gotten Gronk to tell kids not to eat Tide PODs.

Learn something from the NFL and NHL Use your top players to help spread a positive message. Maybe have Conor McDavid shoot a Tide POD at the boards, but just like the ads, have NO written in big letters

On a more serious topic, many kids are being hospitalized because of the Tide PODs Challenge and in no way is a funny topic. No one should ingest a Tide POD. If you, for some idiotic reason, find yourself in this situation, please call Poison Control, and if need be, call 911. This is serious.

TRSN is not responsible for the idiots who read this article and then eat a Tide POD. We gave a fair warning to everyone so take it seriously.

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