Brady’s “Hand Injury” is a Classic Belichick​ Move

The sports world was sent into a flurry when it was reported that Brady had suffered a hand injury the week leading up to the AFC Championship. Everyone’s dream was about to become reality: Tom Brady would not be able to play. His hand would be gone, and the Patriots’ would have to gamble on Brady throwing with his left hand, rather than let the fully healthy Brian Hoyer play. Brady with a left hand is surely still a top 10 QB in the NFL, but that decrease in productivity is the something that the Sacksonville Jaguars are in desperate need for.

Our good pal Ian Rapoport has the deats on what really happened to Brady as the tweet below will show.

Tom “The G.O.A.T” Brady can still throw a ball better than Tim Tebow, even with four stitches in his hand. Brady is an unstoppable force and nothing will stop this man on his quest for 6 Super Bowl rings. This man must be immortal because he even makes wearing Uggs not gay.

Ultimately I was able to secure a copy of his X-rays showing a diagnosis as you’ll see below.


The clear diagnosis is that Brady does not have enough fingers on one hand to fit all the rings that he will own. Brady is in a league of his own with the matchups he has on his path to another Super Bowl victory, and the Patriots’ medical staff is doing the best they can to explore the possibility of adding a 6th finger to his hand for his 6th ring.

There are only three scenarios to explain as to why Brady’s “hand injury” was allowed to leak to the press.

  1. This stunt is nothing more than Alex Guerrero trying to prove that TB12 can allow you to recover from any injury in less than 24 hours.
  2. My thought that Brady is trying to have a 6th finger added on his hand for a 6th ring is an actual thing.
  3. Belichick is playing 4D Chess with the Jaguars and is making sure no one is ready for the game plan him and Brady are about to unleash on them.

I vote for scenario 3 and I bet this is Belichick allowing the media to overhype a non-issue, forcing the Jaguars to question if Brady will even play. Even the slightest of hesitation on if Brady can perform 100% by Doug Marrone’s staff is a victory for Belichick and I bet that is what he is betting on here.

Brady and Belichick are an unstoppable duo and there is nothing to argue against that. Brady’s hand will be fine. He will look great with those big, ugly red Under Armour gloves on his hands, or he might even stick it to the lamestream sports media by not even wearing his gloves.

Ultimately, Brady’s hand was the only hope the NFL had at avoiding Belichick and Brady’s 6th Super Bowl, but that dream is long gone.

Who knows, maybe the stitches will leave a scar on Brady’s hand and he will get 6 Super Bowl Rings tattooed over the scars?

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