Why the Eagles Will Win the Super Bowl

Fly Eagles, Fly! The Eagles are finally going to glide their way into history by snatching up a Super Bowl. This team looked to be the juggernaut properly equipped to take on any foe, even the New England Patriots. However, this hope was short lived due to a horrifying injury to Carson Wentz. Once Wentz was done, the Eagles’ season was supposed to be done.

Supposed to be…

The key stat that people forget is that Nick Foles isn’t just a typical clipboard holding, high-five giving back up QB. Foles is a guy who knows how to win. To understand why Foles deserves so much praise, let’s compare their stats through their first 24 starts:

  1. Foles (2012 to 2014): 15-9 record, 42 TD, 16 INT, 6,288 yards.
  2. Wentz (2016 to Week 8 of 2017): 14-10 record, 35 TD, 19 INT, 5,845 yards.

As you can see, Foles has actually seen more success at QB than Wentz, but that does not mean Foles will be a better QB. Wentz has the potential to be a once in a generation talent, but Foles has the ability to guide a team to a Super Bowl.

We can go on and on about why Foles deserves to be a starting QB in the NFL, but you’re here to hear about why the Eagles’ will win a Super Bowl. The three reasons why the Eagles will win a Super Bowl:

  1. Nick Foles will show why he shouldn’t be undervalued
  2. They have the best rush defense in the NFL
  3. They have the 3rd best rushing attack in the NFL

Ultimately the key to an Eagles’ Super Bowl victory comes down to the run game. Can they effectively shut down the opposition’s running game? Can they run down the clock by taking advantage of their top ranked running game? I believe the answer is yes to both of those questions, and Philly will finally have their first Super Bowl!

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