Why the Jaguars Will Win the Super Bowl

Oh #Sacksonville, how you have shocked us all. You have defied all the experts, all the critics, and even your own fans by making it to the AFC Championship. You’re a modern day Cinderella story that should end up with a Super Bowl parade.

While there’s quite a few reasons as to why you’ll win the Super Bowl, we must admit that it comes down to three crucial reasons:

  1. They had the 2nd ranked defense this year
  2. They had the best average opponent QBR in the league
  3. Blake Bortles is a better version of Peyton Manning

To summarize these points, the Jacksonville Jaguars have a similar feel to the 2015 Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos. Both teams had elite defenses that were able to cover up the holes on the offensive side. The thing is, the Jags offense is much better than the Broncos offense was.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to show why defenses win championships.

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