Why the Vikings Will Win the Super Bowl

The Vikings are a team that is destined to shatter records and put their name in the history books. By winning the Super Bowl, they’d be the first team in NFL history to win it at home. A Super Bowl Win at your home stadium? Yes, please! This has destiny written all over it.

A by-product of this underdog season turning into a Championship winning season is their QB: Case Keenum. The 3rd-string QB is the “X-factor” for a Minnesota team that looks for him to deliver. This deliverance was shown in the NFC divisional rounds last week when they begged him to throw a prayer, a Hail Mary that was caught. CAUGHT! See this amazing play below, if you already haven’t.

Keenum is now the future of the franchise after his performance against Drew Brees, and with a Super Bowl victory, he will become one of the faces of NFL stardom.

You’re here to hear why Minnesota will win, and I’m here to tell you. Here are the 3 reasons why Minnesota will win:

  1. The Vikings have the best defense in the NFL
  2. The Vikings have the best rush and pass defense in the playoffs this year
  3. Case Keenum to Adam Thielen is a combo that cannot be overcome. Thielen had the 4th most yards by a receiver this season.

Ultimately the Vikings are a team that has improved in the playoffs and they are a team on a mission.

Minnesota is here to stay and will win a Super Bowl.

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