Superbowl LII––Why I won’t be cheering this year

Here it is, the Superbowl. Oh, how we adore the fact that it’s the two best teams in the world going head to head on the world’s biggest stage, but we can’t forget about all of those amazing commercials. And what about the coveted halftime-show?

Nobody could forget this, can they?


Nah, didn’t think so.

Anyways, it’s the 52nd Superbowl and it’s the two teams everyone picked during the midpoint of the season: The Eagles and the Patriots.


No, I’m for real,


I personally hate both teams for very different reasons; the Eagles because I’m a true, die-hard Cowboys fan, (leave comments below for how much the Cowboys suck please), and just because Philly fans can truly be a nuisance on this earth.

(Again, save all of your grief ’til the end of the article)

Now, for the Patriots. I can’t stand the Patriots mostly because of my past experiences with their fans, especially my father. Yesterday, during the Jags-Pats game, my dad was dead silent the entire game, at least until Brady was, well, Brady. After that, he went berserk. He was loud, rowdy and getting all up in my face because I said it was going to be a Jags-Vikes Superbowl; (I know, I was 0-2 last night).

So really, I’m not pulling for anybody in LII. I mean, it would be cool to see Belichick and Brady snag ring number 6 this year, especially with all of the locker-room crap that was floating around. It would also be pretty cool to see the Eagles get revenge from Superbowl XXXIX (39) after losing a heartbreaker 24-21 against, you guessed it, Brady and Belichick.

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