Why the Chiefs Are the Losers of the Alex Smith Trade

Shocking news occurred late in the evening of January 30th, 2018. The Kansas City Chiefs decided to trade Alex Smith away for CB Kendall Fuller and a 3rd round draft pick. The shocking part of this trade is the contract extension that Alex Smith received very soon afterward. This stud got himself a 4-year extension with just over 70 MILLION DOLLARS GUARANTEED. 70 million! That number is excessive and it shows that the Redskins are idiotic at best for signing an aging QB to a long-term deal worth that much money.

The Redskins look pretty dumb for giving up a rising star like Kendall Fuller, who was their third-round pick out of Virginia Tech. Fuller originally had a first round grade but due to a knee injury, he fell to the third round right into Washington’s lap. This pick was a steal and Fuller was starting to show glimpses of being an elite shutdown corner. I may need to remind you that elite corners are rarer than the refs actually calling a penalty against the Patriots.

At first glance, it seems that the Chiefs got a steal on this trade, but Andy Reid is making a damning error by allowing Alex Smith to leave at this time.

The thing that people forget is that Patrick Mahomes is not a proven commodity yet and there is no telling if he can guide the Chiefs to the promise land. The few peaks we’ve seen of him have showcased his potential to be like Aaron Rodgers. The key word there is POTENTIAL. There is no guarantee that Mahomes will be any good, and the Chiefs had a top 10 QB in Alex Smith. The only positive the Chiefs have from the trade is the gaining of Kendall Fuller because they’re gambling their entire future on an unproven and inexperienced Mahomes.

You’re probably sitting there and saying “Bro, you’re wrong. The Chiefs clearly won this trade by getting rid of Alex Smith and that ginormous contract. They also got a draft pick and a potentially elite corner.” All I have to say is that you’re not looking at the whole picture. But there’s a lot more to this trade that you’re not realizing. The biggest implication is, well, Kirk Cousins.

Kirk Cousins is now officially a Free-Agent and that drama-filled sideshow is over. Cousins is free to go wherever he pleases, but there are only two places that a realist can see him going: Jacksonville Jaguars or the Denver Broncos. The Jaguars have no need for Cousins and the massive contract he will surely command when they have an adequate Bortles who is sure to improve next year due to him having surgery on his wrist. That leaves only one team as the most ideal landing place: the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos are the biggest winner out of this whole trade. The Chiefs just gave the Broncos an easy path to Cousins and an even easier path back to playoff contention. The Broncos with Cousins is a better team than the Chiefs with Mahomes.

The Chiefs just might’ve allowed for the poorly performing GM John Elway a chance to save his job by allowing Cousins to save the QB fiasco engulfing the Denver Broncos.

The potential pairing of Cousins and the Broncos is why the Chiefs are the biggest loser of the Alex Smith trade.

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