My Super Bowl LII Predictions

The glory of everything good and true about America usually occurs on a sacred day in the month of February. This joyous, righteous event is revered by every true red, white, and blue bleeding American. This event is known as the Super Bowl and it is everything good about America. The chips, queso, and salsa having the same quality of taste as the play of the old XFL. The cheap beer and betting occurring between the old men who swear that they could have made it pro if it wasn’t for their coach sitting them in the state championship game that they actually never made. The only good thing about today will be the ads and hopefully a rebirth of the never old saying: Dilly, Dilly!


Now I know you’re sitting there and wondering why I haven’t even made a prediction yet and I will tell you why: I HATE BOTH TEAMS. I hate the cheating New England Refs and the loser Philidelphia Eagles.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m proud of you. Because of you’re perseverance, I will now gladly share with you my prediction.

New England Refs 31 vs Philidelphia Eagles 21

Yes, I know no one wants to see Tom Brady and company get a 6th Super Bowl ring and I completely agree. This year is sadly a walk in the park for Vegas, and no one will be stopping him. Brady is in a league of his own and is truly the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). I can point to stat after stat explaining as to why I believe the Patriots will easily win another Super Bowl and solidify themselves as one of, if not the best stretch by a pro team in all sports history. But I don’t need to waste your time because you already know what is going to happen…

The New England Refs will save America by denying the awful Eagles’ from having a Super Bowl to brag about. America already dislikes Eagles’ fans, imagine them with a Super Bowl ring to celebrate. Y-U-C-K!

Tom Brady is the X factor and he will clearly be the Super Bowl MVP. THIS DUDE IS THE GOAT in case you forgot what he looks like.


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