Who Should Be the Next Broncos QB?

Ever since Peyton Manning left, the Broncos’ QB situation has been horrifying. So obviously, our number one goal this offseason is to find a QB. As much I would love to have Carson Wentz or even, Tom Brady (I just threw up, just wanted to let you know). Sometimes though, you have to deal with the QBs that you are able to afford. So, who should we get?

Well, the first thing we need to do is look for an offensive line. Let’s all admit, we just sucked last season with our offensive line. So that requires us signing Nate Solder and possibly draft someone in the 5th round. Wouldn’t it be nice if we were to tell our future QB that we have a really good offensive line?

The guy everyone in Denver wants is Kirk Cousins. I don’t blame you. The dude is a stud but is he the right guy for the job? My number one concern about Kirk Cousins is the fact that he has no playoff wins. Why should we pay a guy possibly 72 million dollars that has zero wins in the playoffs? I have no idea.

Image result for Case keenum

The guy who we should consider is Case Keenum. Case Keenum has not one playoff win but two. Not to mention, he’s going to be cheap. When he was with Minnesota, he was the guy that everyone would put on the side. Let’s get him to Denver and prove to all the haters that Case Keenum is making a case (see what I did there) on why he’s better than Kirk Cousins.

So if the Broncos want to be in the playoffs next year, go with this amazing path but if that doesn’t work, well, just sign back Tim Tebow. He’s the answer for everything.

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