Who Should the Broncos Draft?

If you read my last article, I tried to prove my case to get Case Keenum over Kirk Cousins, but for some odd reason, my predictions are always wrong. Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum could sign with a team that’s not the Broncos. So that means we have to draft a QB. I would be worried if we had a later pick, but, we don’t. There are many options to choose from. So, who are we picking?

The guy that I would love to draft is Lamar Jackson. Yes, Lamar Jackson. What I really like about Lamar Jackson is the fact that he is getting drafted in the early 2nd Round. We can trade our 5th pick for an offensive lineman to protect Lamar Jackson. Also, who needs a running back when you have a dual-threat quarterback.  In his years in college, Jackson threw for 69 touchdowns, ran for another 50, and accrued 4,132 yards rushing in the process!

For some odd reason, Lamar Jackson gets drafted by another team. What’s next? Well, we need to draft Josh Allen. At the combine, Josh Allen showed us all that has a cannon for an arm. The thing I don’t like about Allen is the fact that his completion rate has never been higher than 56% in any season he has started. That makes me worried.

Well hopefully, my prediction is right and we don’t need to worry about drafting a QB unless it’s later than the 1st round but if I’m wrong, well, sign me. I’m better than the QBs we have now.

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