Arie from the Bachelor and LeBron might be the same person

First things first, I do NOT willingly watching the Bachelor! The only reason that I watch is because I’m a VERY gracious boyfriend. Seeing as I take the TV for 6 days of the week to watch sports, I figured I would give my girlfriend 1 night a week to watch a bunch of horn dogs fight over the same person. Yeah I know I’m too good to her. So before anyone tries to take my man card know this, I threw that thing out a long ass time ago and I only find the Bachelor moderately entertaining…okay it’s pretty entertaining.

You probably heard by now, but Arie from the Bachelor (no idea what last name is) pulled off a legendary move by proposing to one girl, then breaking up with her on national TV and got engaged to the other girl, whom he originally turned down. There is only one other man who can pull of a move like this and his name is LeBron James! If you think about it for a second, the OG of getting dumped on national television is the city of Cleveland. If the first fiancée gets caught in a dumpster fire, the similarities would almost be too perfect.

I have been in relationships before that didn’t work out and have been both the dumpee and the dumper and I don’t really understand Arie from the Bachelor and LeBron’s line of thinking. In either the dumper or dumpee role, I have never thought to myself: “You know what would make this situation way easier? If the break-up was on national TV where everyone could see it.” One might think that might be a little disrespectful, but then again, to each their own. Look for Arie to get divorced in 4 years and then get back together with his original fiancée…and then leave her again for a younger, hotter team, I mean woman, who lives in a location than that is 100 times better Cleveland. Then again, every other city in the United States is 100 times better than Cleveland.


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