This time of year Daniel Jeremiah always seems to find a way to piss me off

I love this time of year because mock drafts are basically like porn to me. After the combine mock draft season is officially in full swing and it really gets the blood flowing for me if you know what I mean. As exciting as mock drafts are to me, there is always one that is well, deflating and that’s Daniel Jeremiah’s post combine mock draft.

I am big fan of DJ and actually listen to Move the Sticks frequently, but nothing gets me more fucking aggravated than when he has the Raiders drafting another combine hero. In DJ’s most recent mock, he has the Raiders drafting Jaire Alexander. DJ’s rationale for the pick: “Alexander is coming off a phenomenal combine performance and Oakland needs an upgrade in the secondary.” Yes, the Raiders need an upgrade in the secondary more than a single virgin needs anti-virus software. However the days of the Raiders drafting height, weight, speed guys and combine heros have been buried with Al Davis. Hell the Raiders even drafted a guy 2 years ago in the first round that didn’t even participate in the combine in Karl Joseph.

Look DJ I understand the rationale because of the Raiders’ track record, but please stop doing this shit too me. I can’t take it, the memories of Darius Heyward-Bey are burned into my head and I absolutely have look at your mock drafts…there is no other option for me, I NEEEEEED it. DJ did this to me when he had the Raiders taking Kevin White over Amari Cooper a couple years ago and I had my first panic attack. Daniel, Al Davis died 6 years ago and is still very much dead (last time I checked) and the best part about Mark Davis is that he realizes he doesn’t know shit about football, so he has little to no say in who the Raiders draft. It might be Mark Davis’ most redeeming quality because it sure as shit ain’t his haircut. Also can anyone please shine some light on who the fuck Jaire Alexander is? I don’t even think I’ve seen him in the first round, until of course Daniel Jeremiah has him going to the Raiders. God help us.

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