Who We Think Will Win The NCAA Tournament

It’s my favorite time of the year. March Madness is in full swing.

The full brackets were released two days ago by the NCAA Selection Committee. While there was plenty of controversy surrounding who got in/who was left out, this tournament should shape up to be one of the better tournaments in recent memory. The top four seeds in each region are as follows:

East Region:

1) Villanova

2) Purdue

3) Texas Tech

4) Wichita State

South Region:

1) Virginia

2) Cincinatti

3) Tennessee

4) Arizona

Midwest Region:

1) Kansas

2) Duke

3) Michigan State

4) Auburn

West Region:

1) Xavier

2) North Carolina

3) Michigan

4) Gonzaga

As seen, some of these regions are more stacked than others (*cough* *cough* Midwest and South Regions *cough*).

Our Staff has compiled our own picks for how we think the tournament will shake out.

Writer:              Final Four: 

Austin S.    Gonzaga, MSU, UVA, Nova

Brady V.    Mich, MSU, Zona, Nova

Derek L.    UNC, KU, UVA, WVU

Josh M.      UNC, Duke, UVA, Purdue

Jacob S.     Gonzaga, KU, UK, Nova

Josh S.        UNC, KU, UVA, Nova

Matt H.      Mich, MSU, Zona, Nova

Micah S.    Xavier, KU, UVA, Nova

PC Sports. Mich, MSU, UVA, Nova

Writer:                 Champ:

Austin S.               Virginia

Brady V.               Michigan State

Derek L.               Virginia

Josh M.                 Duke

Jacob S.                Villanova

Josh S.                  Kansas

Matt H.                 Arizona

Micah S.               Virginia

PC Sports             Virginia

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