The Cowboys NEED to Get Earl Thomas

The Seahawks are running a fire sale right now and it seems unclear as to what is not for sale right now. It seems that every star man in Seattle is getting a free ticket out of town and one has to wonder what the Seahawks wouldn’t be willing to part from. Maybe even their star safety, Earl Thomas III.

This fire sale is full of HOT HOT commodities and the one sale that the league is craving is the Earl Thomas III. Thomas is a playmaker that has the talent to be the franchise cornerstone on the defensive side of the ball, he already is this for Seattle. He’s a perennial pro bowl player that is worthy of all the hype that is about to come his way. Thomas is worth mortgaging the future for.

The hype is real and the Cowboys need to buy into it. They need to make a splashy signing or trade this offseason and the best option is clearly Earl Thomas.

The Cowboys’ defense was subpar at best last season and it is evident that an upgrade in the secondary is a must. The Cowboys looked average at best on their pass defense last season, and a ballhawk patrolling the green is what can take the Boys from an average to an elite defense. Earl Thomas would be more than just a band-aid to the bigger problem they have: HE WOULD BE THE SOLUTION.

Any sane Cowboys fan will remember that one of the few highlights from last season was after the Cowboys vs Seahawks game. This highlight occurred when Earl Thomas ran up to Jason Garrett and told him to “Come get me” as you’ll see in the video below

Earl Thomas has a clear desire to return back to the wonderful state of Texas where he dominated as Safety for the Texas Longhorns. A reunion seems to be in order and there’s no reason for it to not happen.

Earl Thomas belongs in Texas and the Cowboys will instantly become a Super Bowl contender by adding him.

Jerry Jones don’t screw this up, PLEASE TRADE FOR EARL THOMAS

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