Arizona you owe me my bracket entry fee…Venmo is open

Arizona, what the actual fuck? Fitting the only game I got wrong yesterday was Buffalo/Arizona, and I had Arizona winning it all…granted I filled out like 20 brackets but that’s beside the point. Jesus FREAKING Christ!!!! How do you lose to Buffalo?!?!?! By 20!!! Was it a bit of a gamble to have them winning it all? Sure, but I don’t think getting out of the first round was too much to ask. Am I partially to blame for picking them? Potentially, but that’s victim blaming and my friend PC Sports wouldn’t appreciate that much.  If you think the players are the victims here, remember…they cost me $20 and not the other way around.

Look I thought Arizona would be the team of destiny and stick it to the NCAA, FBI and ESPN by winning the whole damn thing…and then having to take down the banners in a couple years. It was the perfect storyline and if you know anything about my gambling habits, I’m a sucker for the storylines. I had no other choice but to pick them. Hell I even started to believe Sean Miller and DeAndre Ayton, when they said that conversation and payments never happened, but now…fuck it. DeAndre Ayton took that money and Sean Miller is guiltier than he is sweaty. sean-miller-shirt

Yeah it’s that drastic. Ayton certainly hasn’t earned that $100k, I mean he didn’t have even make it out of the first round. Granted a Conference Championship probably earned the school a couple million bucks, but we’ll ignore that from now and I’ll stick with the recency bias that makes me feel better. My Venmo is open U of A and clearly you guys can afford 20 bucks.


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