Colorado Rockies 2018 Preview

We are entering another season of Rockies baseball and it’s going to be a good one. In 2017, the Rockies clinched a berth to go to the postseason but sadly lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks. Rockies fans should be pumped about this season though.

For starters, the Rockies figured out their pitching woes. Kyle Freeland, German Marquez, Jeff Hoffman, Chad Bettis, Antonio Sanzatela, and Jon Gray really stepped it up in 2017. In 2018, Jon Gray should be a household name due to the dominant year he had in 2017. One of my bold predictions for this year is that Jon Gray will be an All-Star and a Cy Young candidate. Out of the rookies we had last year, I am expecting Kyle Freeland to have a big year. He led the team with 11 wins. For this upcoming year, I’m expecting 13 wins for him. The only problems that we are facing are the bullpen. We need a bullpen who can keep a lead and not blow it. The Rockies fixed that by resigning Jake McGee and signing Bryan Shaw and Wade Davis.


The Rockies biggest strength on their dominant roster is their lineup. When you have Charlie Blackmon (who hit 37 homers) leading off, pitchers are in for a tough time and it’s not going to get easier. It would be a sin if I didn’t mention Nolan Arenado at all. Nolan Arenado got 130 RBIs (Runners Batted In) so if he does that this year, that should set us up for success. Nolan Arenado is clearly the best player in the National League and even the Major Leagues. The thing that I’m looking forward too is the fact that we get to see a healthy David Dahl. David Dahl sat out for the whole 2017 season and we still found a way to make it to the playoffs, that’s a little scary. The Rockies added Chris Iannetta. Sure, it’s not a pretty signing but we just need someone who will drive in the runs for us. Chris Iannetta hit for 17 home runs. That’s a lot for a catcher and it will add a big boost to our lineup.


At a minimum, the Rockies will make it to the NLDS, but I truly believe that the Rockies will WIN THE WORLD SERIES THIS YEAR! I honestly do. You may think I’m crazy, which I am, but I believe in the 2018 Colorado Rockies. If our key players stay healthy (Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, Jon Gray, and D.J LeMahieu), we will go far this season. Also, we have an elite bullpen now so the Rockies starters don’t have to worry about being overpitched. If they survive to the 5th inning, that would be great for the bullpen. The thing we mainly need to take care of is making sure we take advantage of pitches that can go our way or hold on to the lead. One mistake can impact a game which that one loss can affect our chances to go to the playoffs.

Yes, we have the Dodgers in our division, but I truly think they won’t repeat the success they had last season and also, who said that they’ll win the division. If we get the Wild Card game at Coors Field, we’ll win that game. What about the Giants, or the D-Backs, and the Padres. First off, get that “Padres will do good this year” crap out of here. Cool, they signed Eric Hosmer, but last time I checked, you need a team to win and they don’t have a team. Then you have the Giants. Sure, the Giants are going to be better this season, but not good enough. Evan Longoria and Andrew McCutchen were traded to the Giants but they’re no longer in their prime. Then you have the Diamondbacks. I have a gut feeling that the D-Backs will have some success but the Rockies will get revenge and beat them in the Wild Card.

My prediction for this season is that the Rockies will gain attention from the lame-stream sport’s world (ESPN, Fox Sports, etc). With all of the fake news they put out about the Dodgers winning it all, I truly believe we will be talked about. Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon will get the recognition they deserve because they for sure didn’t get that last season.

So my bold prediction for this season, the Rockies will win their 1st World Series. Nolan Arenado will be the World Series MVP.

So Rockies fans, let’s get pumped for our Rockies coming back for another season because hopefully, this is a season to remember.

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