Thank a Retriever


Easily one of my least favorite sports. I know, the hype of March Madness with all of the upsets and surprises makes basketball enjoyable. I just can’t like the sport. I’ve tried and tried. I even went to the tryouts for my middle school,

I got cut.


Needless to say, I’ve only had bad experiences with basketball. My brackets are never correct after the first round, and somehow, someway, I always pick two No. 1 seeds in the championship. I know, I’m an idiot.

But rest assured, I do usually get my predictions right when it comes to other sports such as Baseball, Football, Hockey and Curlingcurling fail GIF-downsized_large.gif

See? It’s a dangerous sport.

Either way, most of America’s brackets were slaughtered with Loyola Chicago (RIP) hitting a 3-point buzzer beater. Then came Buffalo. Beating Arizona was a huge upset and more of America’s brackets were busted.

And then…



There were zero, zero, perfect brackets going into the second round. Nobody could’ve predicted that a small school like UMBC would beat such a dominant powerhouse like Virginia, but they did.

Every year there is a bet placed on the table. Not just a $20 bet no, but thousands and possibly millions of dollars. The better?

Little Caesars

Home of the $5 Hot and ready. (Don’t think of Jared Fogle y’all).

Each and every CBB tournament, Little Caesars will put out an offer out saying that if a No. 16 seed beats a No. 1 seed, they will give out free pizza.

16 UMBC-74

1 Virginia-54


Monday, April 2 was the day marked for free pizza, and there were lines stretching entire parking lots at every Little Caesars. I personally waited about 25 minutes for mine and let me tell you, it was worth every minute.

So go out and find all of those proud UMBC alumni and give them a proper handshake. Sadly, the Retrievers lost to Kansas State in the following round.

I know who to put my money on for next year though,

Literally anybody against Virginia Basketball.

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