What would you give to hit a hole in 1 at The Masters? Takeaways from the Masters

I love it every year when the Masters rolls around because everyone pretends to give a shit about golf for 4 eh, more like 2 days. Then the enthusiasm dies down a bit only to rise again when the US Open rolls around and after that…people forget that golf is a professional sport. The Masters is special though because it always seems to give us a few storylines and this year was no different.

Jordan Spieth’s personality resembles a young Tiger’s

One of Tiger’s attributes that I think made him so likeable is his personality and his mannerisms. He made himself more relatable and seem more human by his post shot reactions. If he had a bad shot, he would cuss at himself and look like he wanted to chuck his club as far as he could throw it (which we all do); and through his facial expressions he would acknowledge when he just got lucky. Growing up I remember watching Tiger chip one in from the bunker and just start laughing almost to acknowledge the fact that it was pure luck. In the same situation most professional golfers would just have this arrogant look on their face like: “Yep, I do that on my home course all the time. No big deal.” Where as Tiger’s reaction basically said: “Yeah, I have no idea how I did that shit…I just hit the ball and it fell in hole.” I think Jordan Spieth is very similar to Tiger in this way. Two years ago Spieth imploded at Amen Corner and it cost him the championship. The most notable hole on said implosion was Number 12 where he had a quadruple bogey. On Sunday he teed off on Number 12 and put one on the fringe. His reaction was the picture you see below…fucking hilarious.


He throws his arms up like he just nailed a hole in one or won the tournament. If that was someone like Sergio Gracia, he’d be telling us about how great of a fucking shot that was and what adjustments he’s been making so that he doesn’t have that implosion again and I’d sit here and puke. Then again with how often Sergio implodes, you’d think that guy would have to hit golf balls in his sleep for the rest of his life to fix his game. Fuck Sergio…just had to throw that in there. Back to Speith, what does the guy do to follow up that tee shot? Drain the put from the fringe for a birdy and then birdy 13, essentially making Amen Corner his bitch…for now.

Can we get some love for the fat guys?

What I don’t get about the world is that everyone loses their mind about how baseball players come in all different shapes and sizes, and no one seems to give a fuck or pay attention to the fact that golfers are the same way. Aaron Judge is a foot taller than Jose Altuve and they take one picture together and everyone on the Internet loses their freaking minds!!! Yet yesterday we had 5 foot 9 150 pound Rickie Fowler chasing 6 foot, 200 pound (that’s conservative) Patrick Reed for the Masters championship and no one bats a freaking eye! I mean come on people…is it because he’s fat? If it is, that’s fatism or sizism, whatever the hell you wanna call it and that’s NOT okay in 2018. Fat people have feelings and deserve to be acknowledged too. Come on guys, the only people who should be discriminating against fat Patrick Reed are his family members who he kicks out of tournaments and all of his teammates at Georgia…and apparently anyone at Augusta State too. So basically anyone that has ever spent a decent amount of time with him.

What would you give to hit a hole in 1 at Augusta?

Before the tournament even started Tony Finau entered into the Internet hall of fame by nailing a hole in 1 during the Par 3 contest and subsequently dislocating his ankle in celebration. The pictures of which you should really not look at…see blow.

Finau Ankle

This got me thinking though, what would you give up to hit a hole in 1 at Augusta? It seems to me like a dislocated ankle is small price to pay. I mean just watch Tony’s reaction. He was so damn excited, he just popped that motherfucker right back into place and started celebrating again. Hell you can amputate my ankle if it means I get to nail a hole in one at Augusta. What the hell do I need it for anyway? I already hit the hole in 1 at the most iconic golf course in the world. Hell I messed up my ankle just playing a BS game of pickup basketball (see below)…athlete!

My Ankle

I’m curios as to what people are willing to give up to hit a hole in 1 at Augusta, so comment with what you would be willing to do and/or give up.



P.S. Who’s ankle is worse, mine or Tony Finau’s?

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