Grading the Nolan Arenado Luis Perdomo fight

Seeing as the A’s aren’t going to be entertaining this season, I think I have found a way to keep my interest in baseball this year…grading baseball fights. There is nothing quite like a good baseball fight and while typically the best ones don’t happen until summer, Nolan Arenado and Luis Perdomo provided us with an early season gem. Seeing as the season is like 2 weeks old, the amount of fire that both sides showed was impressive. Plus, you know Arenado and Perdomo are going to face each other again, which leaves the door open for a potential rematch and everyone loves a good rematch.

The first thing to look at when grading a baseball fight is if the pitcher really meant to hit the batter. If it’s unintentional, then you take away points. I need passion in order for it to be a quality fight and if the pitcher didn’t mean to hit em, I just know his heart is not in it. In this case, it is pretty freaking clear that Perdomo meant to hit Arenado, since Perdomo took his glove off damn near before the ball even got to Arenado. He’s basically getting himself ready and leaving Arenado with no choice. Either Arenado charges the mound, or he looks like the beta. Now, I do have to give Arenado credit because that guy came charging in like a bat out of hell. You could tell he wasn’t fucking around and was looking to throw some haymakers.

How does Perdomo counter the charge by Arenado? By showing off his freaking cannon and firing his glove right at Arenado! He fired that thing and literally stopped Arenado in his tracks for a second…savage move. If I’m a GM, I don’t care what Perdomo’s stats are…I’m trading the farm for him. His control might be a bit suspect, but you can’t coach how fast that glove flew out of his hand…it’s just pure arm talent. I just looked it up: Luis Perdomo has a career 5.14 ERA…

It wasn’t all good for my guy Perdomo though, because he didn’t seem to have a Plan B when the glove didn’t completely stop Arenado. Nolan Arenado just kept charging and Perdomo instantly just channeled his inner Deon Sanders and back peddled like his life depended on it. I mentioned this on Twitter, but I’m am staying woke on this one. With the NFL Draft coming up, this might be a PR move by Perdomo to make his case to be a sleeper pick at corner. Nolan Arenado took over from there by throwing haymakers and avoiding people so that no one could hold him back.

Like a good story there are peaks and valleys and just when you thought things were going to die down, the catcher got involved. Underrated in a baseball fight is when the catcher gets involved because they always seem to remind me of those short kids on the playground who suffer from Napoleon’s Syndrome. They are always there to run their mouth and keep every fired up, but at the end of the day aren’t gonna do shit. AJ Ellis blessed us with that here. What makes it even better is the fact that someone on the Rockies was holding AJ Ellis back. You know if someone from the opposing team is holding the guy back, he’s literally just their to run his mouth and make sure the fight doesn’t die down.

Thank God someone who knows something about irrational anger like Mark McGwire stepped in to defuse the situation. That’s how you know this is a good fight, when the most roided out person on the field is playing peacemaker. The announcers mention that McGwire is going to help calm Arenado because they know each other…aaaaand then Arenado and McGwire have to be separated. Whoever the guy in the Rockies hoodie is, might have saved Mark McGwire from becoming the next Don Zimmer (RIP).

Overall I’ll give this fight an A-. I may be overacting a bit because this is the first of the season, but the passion and willingness to fight anyone displayed by Nolan Arenado is impressive. Now had Arenado landed one of those big haymakers, we’d be talking about an A+ and some extra credit.

Like I mentioned before, I think I have found a way to keep myself interest in baseball this season. So please, anytime there is a baseball fight, tweet it to me or share it on my  Facebook. I know you will be dying for my grade.


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