Who Had the Biggest Meltdown this Week? McGregor or Austin?

And no, not my boss Austin, but Tyler Austin of the New York Yankees


I think everybody and their mother has heard about the McGregor incident. McGregor went berserk and threw a dolly at a bus. Yes, a bus.

Look at this:


When did an MMA fighter become so violent?

What has this world come to?

But one question still remains: when did Conor McGregor join the MLB?

And yes there is fighting in baseball. And sometimes they get pretty violent, just watch Nolan Ryan’s fight.

Those were the good ol’ days. Pitchers weren’t soft (see Nolan Ryan), and there was actually a sense of respect for the sport.

There were three different bench-clearing incidents today.

One in Denver:

Background info:

Yesterday, Padre’s Manuel Margot was hit by a wild pitch in ribs by a fastball from Rockies pitcher Scott Orberg. But today…man oh man was Denver in for a show. Luis Perdomo, starting pitcher for the Padres, intentionally threw a pitch at Nolan’s ribs. Arenado dodged the fastball, which came in at 96mph, immediately took off for Perdomo threw some punches that would make even Mcgregor run for the hills.

But that brawl was nothing compared to what happened in Boston. Boston has been home to many controversies such as the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party. But for those of you that missed tonight’s Red Sox vs. Yankee game, the rivalry is still very much alive. And there’s a whole new problem in Boston now.

Now, Tyler Austin started this whole thing. Anybody remember the Chase Utley rule? Apparently, Tyler Austin doesn’t. After a poor bunt by his teammate, Austin was gunned out at second by Devers. But this slide by Austin is what’s drawing concern from myself and many others:

But that was just some pushing and shoving, nothing too bad. It’s almost like Floyd Mayweather was in that fight. But what came next, was amazing. The good ol’ days are back…kind of.

Joe Kelly, the new G.O.A.T. of Boston, totally obliterated Tyler Austin on the fourth pitch of his at-bat. And what happened next is what restored my faith in Rob Manfred’s baseball…

It’s safe to say that Tyler Austin is the biggest cry baby of this group, but McGregor had the biggest meltdown. I mean, who the hell throws a dolly at a bus?

Now, all that’s left to wonder is how many fights were there between Yankee and Red Sox fans?


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