Being a Warriors Fan is the NBA equivalent to being a Patriots Fan

Over the weekend, I had this epiphany that being a Warriors fan is essentially the NBA equivalent to being a Patriots fan. At this point I really don’t give two shits about the regular season; much like most Pats fans. The regular season is just an extension of the pre-season and is more of a formality at this point. Opening day for the Warriors and Patriots is actually the first game of the playoffs. Other fans and everyone in the media can make a big deal out of regular season losses, but in reality, I could really care less. Oh no the Warriors lost a game to a team that is trying to tank?!?! Yeah, I don’t give a shit. I’ll hang my hat on the Warriors 73 win regular season much like what Patriots fans do with the 2007 season. That’s all the regular season pleasure I need.

This is gonna sound cocky (and I really don’t care), but I don’t hope the Dubs make the playoffs or finals anymore, I expect it. Call it greedy, arrogant or whatever the hell you want, but after suffering through years of the Warriors roll out starters like Bobby Sura, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murhpy and Andris Biedrins; I think I’ve earned it. Side note, its only a semi-coincidence that all of the guys mentioned are white guys. Although, I do have to give Bobby Sura some credit as he and Eminem inspired millions of prepubescent white kids to bleach their hair in the early 2000s…hand up.

hqdefault (1)

Was the first Warriors Championship (of this era) fun and exciting from the start of the regular season to the end of the finals? Absolutely, but last season’s was all business and essentially just another shirt I had buy. I expect the same for this season and if I could, I would pre-order the shirt. You can talk about the Rockets and any other team as a threat to the Warriors, but at this point those other teams gotta prove they can get there and we’ll be waiting. I’ll take a healthy playoff Warriors team over anybody and you’re delusional if you think otherwise.  Remember, I don’t have opinions, I just have facts.

I hope all of my fellow Warriors fans enjoyed opening day on Saturday, tonight marks 2nd game of the season. If you’re reading this and hate me for it, go ahead and express your feelings. I FEED off the hate!!


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