Denver Broncos Schedule Predictions

Last night, the National Football League released the 2018 schedule. Since I’m so good at predictions, I’m going to predict the Broncos 2018 season.

Week 1: vs Seahawks

Outcome: Broncos win 27-23

Week 2: vs Raiders

Outcome: Broncos win 20-16

Week 3: @ Ravens

Outcome: Ravens win 23-13

Week 4: vs Chiefs

Outcome: Broncos win 30-17

Week 5: @ Jets

Outcome: Broncos win 34-14

Week 6: vs Rams

Outcome: Rams win 33-17

Week 7:  @ Cardinals

Outcome: Broncos win 13-10

Week 8: @ Chiefs

Outcome: Chiefs win 24-10

Week 9: vs Texans

Outcome: Broncos win 28-27

Week 10: Bye

Week 11: @ Chargers

Outcome: Chargers win 21-16

Week 12: vs Steelers

Outcome: Steelers win 30-23

Week 13: @ Bengals

Outcome: Broncos win 24-14

Week 14: @ 49ers

Outcome: Broncos win 23-21

Week 15: vs Browns

Outcome: Broncos win 31-13

Week 16: @ Raiders

Outcome: Raiders win 24-21

Week 17: vs Chargers

Outcome: Broncos win 17-13

Broncos record: 10-6

Hopefully, the Broncos are going to be 16-0 but we all know that’s not going to happen. The Broncos will drop the division to the Raiders but will still clinch a wild card spot.


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