Five Games YOU Need to watch in the 2018 NFL Season

The National Football League released the 2018 schedule and there are some games that you have to watch.

5. Jets at Browns

You may think I’m crazy but this game will be a must watch. The Browns and Jets are most likely drafting a QB. These two rookies could win their team’s starting role which they could face off one another in week 3. We have the possibility of seeing two future stars or two future busts.

4. Patriots at Lions

Again, you may be wondering why I picked this game. Well, just to remind you, the Patriots former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia left to join the Detroit Lions. Will Matt Patricia defeat his old team? You tell me.

3. Rams at Broncos

As a Broncos fan, I have to put them in but this game will be good. Broncos Country, do you remember Aqib Talib? Well, we traded Talib to the Rams. Talib is for sure salty towards the Broncos so expect Aqib Talib to come in wanting to crush us.

2. Panthers at Saints

I believe this game will determine the NFC South. Both teams had great seasons last year so I expect that these two teams will be in the division race until week 17.

1. Vikings at Eagles

My only question is why on earth is this game not on primetime? These two teams played one another in the NFC championship. Will the Vikings prove they’re the team to defeat in the NFC or is it still the Eagles?

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