The A’s are slowly making me eat crow

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a terrible A’s fan so far this season. I’ve talked a whole lot of shit about them and even made the statement that I’m a free agent. Well like normal…I look like a fucking idiot. This past week has been pretty damn good to the A’s, starting with Sean Manaea’s no-no against the hottest team in baseball and now they find themselves above .500! The fact I’m excited about being above .500 when the first month of the season isn’t even over is pretty damn pathetic in it’s own right, but hey, it’s a start.

I’m a team player and I’m willing to look like a fucking idiot all season long if it means the A’s keep winning. I’m not afraid to be like Rachel Phelps from Major League. Knowing the A’s, they’ll probably find a way to fuck this up anyhow…it just comes with the territory of being an A’s fan. Sean Manaea will probably finish the season with either the Red Sox or Yankees; Billy Beane will probably trade Kris Davis to a division rival to help them make a playoff run. Either those trades actually happen, or the A’s will make a run for the playoffs and fall short or get bounced in the first round. I’ve seen this movie too many times and at some point, I’m gonna learn my lesson. But that’s a problem for future me, because right now, I’m all freaking in! If the A’s need negative reinforcement to play well, then I’m more than willing to supply it.


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