The 3 Biggest questions leading into the draft

The NFL Draft is here, the NFL Draft is here!!!! This might be pathetic, but at this point in my life, I get more excited for draft day than Christmas. At this point, Christmas is just opening boring ass presents, because it’s shit that you need instead of want and getting into drunken arguments with your relatives that someone is going to take way too seriously. Oh and god, have mercy if you “accidentally” get too drunk and make an ass of yourself because you’re gonna hear about that for yeeeeearrrrs! Draft day however brings new hope and growing up a Raiders fan, there has been a lot of hope over the years. Granted historically, the Raiders find a way to quickly kill that hope during the regular season, but on draft day everyone is 0-0 and everyone thinks their team killed it…speaking from experience here. Anyway that’s not why you’re here.

How are the Browns going to screw this one up?

Every year, my favorite draft storyline is seeing how the Browns will manage to have 2 first round picks and still find a way to fuck that up. Last year, the Browns went all in on the first round and had 3 picks and the jury is still out for all of those players. Let’s take a look at how having 2 first round picks has fared for the Browns in recent years. In 2015, they took Danny Shelton and Cam Erving…both of whom are no longer on the team and didn’t even play out their rookie contracts. 2014 was the infamous Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel draft and not only are neither of those guys on the team anymore; neither of them are even in the NFL anymore! Side note, I’m all in on #ComeBackSZN. Bring back Johnny Football and make football great again. The 2012 draft might be my favorite Cleveland Browns draft of all time, as that draft saw the Browns take Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden…reminder we’re still talkin about the first round. To make things better, the Browns used the draft pick they received for Trent Richardson to take Johnny Manziel…I don’t even need to write a punch line for this shit! It’s almost too comical.

Who’s gonna fall in love with Josh Allen’s “potential?”

Ladies, what if I told you I know a guy who is tall, has really big arms, really big hands, a big head, essentially he’s big everywhere (if ya know what I mean) and he’s about to be really rich. Would you be interested? If so, you’re qualified to be a NFL GM because I just described Josh Allen in a nutshell. I thought Bucky Brooks put it best when he pointed out that nobody wanted Josh Allen out of high school, nobody wanted him out of JUCO, so why is he all of a sudden a top NFL quarterback prospect? I feel like everyone is trying to make excuses for his poor senior year, instead of just admitting that he’s just not that good of a player. Derek Carr played in the same conference, put up 50 plus touchdowns his senior year and was a 2nd round pick. It just doesn’t make sense to me and I think the team that drafts him will be very disappointed. I wouldn’t be surprised if my first question and this question end up being related…and that’s a bad sign! Immediate red flag for a player is if the Cleveland Browns are high on him.

Is anyone going to watch the ESPN broadcast now that Gruden is gone?

Maybe I’m biased but the only reason why I watched the ESPN Draft broadcast is because John Gruden was knowledgeable and entertaining as hell. Now all ESPN has is Mel Kiper screaming: “TODD, TODD, TODD,” every other freaking pick. Believe it or not, but that shit annoying as hell and you can’t trust a guy that eats pumpkin pie with no crust and never takes a bathroom break. I’m a Mike Mayock guy now. You’ve gotta respect Mayock, everyone else makes 18 freaking mock drafts and he makes 1 and doesn’t release it until the day before the draft. That’s some mock draft integrity right there. ESPN already seems to be in some hot water when it comes to the NFL and losing Gruden doesn’t do them any favors.

Happy Draft Day!


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