Who Is This Guy?

I would like to introduce myself, I am the newest senior writer for TRSN. I am going to be covering the New York Yankees in the summer and the Buffalo Sabres in the winter. I have been a life long sports fan. I am a family man. I am from Central New York. I got married in the past year and my wife and I just had our first child on April 12. I am an avid New York Yankees, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football, Buffalo Sabres, and Green Bay Packers fan.

My first love was the game of baseball and I have been a passionate New York Yankees fan ever since the 1995 season. I remember my grandparents, one being a Yankees fan and one being an Atlanta Braves fan trying to coax me into their respective fandoms. My grandfather won the battle and ever since then I have been a Yankees fan. I have been through the highs of the late 90’s as everyone knows was the decade of the Yankees. Also, I have been through the “lows” of the almost championship runs and retirement of the Core 4. Now I get to show my passion to the readers of TRSN and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

My second team that I started to follow religiously was the Green Bay Packers. I remember the Packers were playing a Monday night football, I don’t remember who they were playing, but I remember laying in bed listening to the game, because I was supposed to be sleeping. I just remember continuously hearing the name Brett Favre and from then I was hooked. I became so hooked that I even wore my #4 Favre jersey for school pictures for several years during elementary school. When I met my best friend, I found out that he was also a Packers fan, and we bonded even more over that. My wife, then girlfriend at the time, even got me tickets to go to Lambeau Field for a game, which was an amazing time.

For hockey, I have always been a huge fan, whether it be of my local high school, where I did the PA and in game music, to my local college team, the Utica College Pioneers. I never had a real passion about a professional team until college. I went to college an hour from Buffalo and every game was on television. So naturally I gravitated to being a Buffalo Sabres fan. I have been to several games and still catch every game. I watch hockey non stop during the winter whether it be the Buffalo Sabres, Utica Comets, Utica College Pioneers, or my local high school. This is going to be another area that I will be covering for TRSN and I cannot wait to show my knowledge and passion for the Sabres.

The final team I started following was the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team. Notre Dame has always been on television in my local area and I always followed them to an extent, even though Syracuse University was only 45 minutes away. I specifically remember growing up play NCAA Football 2005 for the PS2 and I was always the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. From that point forward I have always been a fan of the Irish. Going to South Bend to catch a game is the last venue I need to go to in order to see all my teams live.

I can’t wait to share my passion for sports with all the readers of TRSN! Get ready for a great ride.

For daily updates for anything sports, follow me on twitter @HandzelSports

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