Broncos Draft Bradley Chubb

In the 1st round pick, the Denver Broncos selected Bradley Chubb. It’s nothing but exciting for the Broncos.

Going into the draft, the Broncos were expected to draft a QB (quarterback) which I thought was a terrible idea. If we drafted a QB, it’s going to show that we don’t have much confidence in Case Keenum. We need to see how Case is going to perform this year and hopefully, Case Keenum will have an amazing year. If Case Keenum struggles, then invest in a QB in the 2019 NFL Draft but drafting a QB this year would be very premature.

The Broncos’ defense will be scary with Bradley Chubb. Chubb is going to play with Von Miller who praised Chubb before the draft. “He’s Khalil Mack and Von Miller put together”, Miller said to the media. With Bradley Chubb playing for the Broncos now, our run defense has to be one of the best this season. Also, expect for the offensive lineman to have a tough time blocking both Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. This duo is any QB’s nightmare and that makes me excited. Just watch out NFL, our defense just got better.

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