Cities that deserve an MLB team

It’s always an exciting time when you hear about a possibility of the MLB expanding the league. It’s cool knowing that the MLB is going to get competitive here soon.  Now, the big question is, who deserves an MLB team? Well, let’s figure that out.

5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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OKC is known for Thunder Basketball and they’re proving that they should get a baseball team. The MLB really needs to start expanding towards the South. So this would be a good start for the MLB.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana 

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Yes, another southern state that deserves an MLB team. My only question is why hasn’t New Orleans been considered to be an option for an MLB team. They have the Saints and Pelicans who’ve both went on to play in playoffs this year. New Orleans is for sure a sports city and is only missing an MLB team.

3. Montreal, Quebec

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Montreal did have an MLB team before but they later moved because of the lack of fan presence. Now since they don’t have an MLB team, Montrealians are begging for one. So fans, if we give you a team, you have to show up.

2. Mexico City, Mexico

Image result for mexico city

As a baseball fan, it would be so cool to start expanding baseball around the world. Baseball is well known in Mexico so if they have a team, I’m positive that this would be a success.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Image result for Las Vegas

Not gonna lie, this city could be a huge success for baseball. Las Vegas could be very scary during free agency time. With all the money they have, they should have a super team.

Well, if I’m missing a city, let me know!

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