Packers post draft report: Josh Jackson

Josh Jackson  was one of the top defensive backs in this years draft. The majority of Packers fans were hoping that Green Bay would draft him. And that wish came true. But was Jackson the right pick by Green Bay? well, lets find out.

First lets look at his stats coming out of the university of Iowa. He racked up a total of 8 interceptions with the Hawkeyes, 66 tackles, 24 pass breakups, and 32 passes defended. Jackson also tied the single-season interception record in 2017. Not to mention he was also named the unanimous first-team all-American in 2017.

Jackson ran the 40-dash in 4.56 seconds which isn’t considered “elite” for a NFL CB. But if we’ve learned anything in the history of the NFL it’s that not every great player was always or needs to be the fastest, or the strongest. yes were looking at you 1998 draft. Jackson has a lot to prove in 2018 with Green Bay.

Some have argued will Jackson be a good fit in Green Bay? some say he isn’t a good fit with coach Mike Pettines ‘flexible’ scheme. Well, the response to that is of course we don’t know for sure if Jackson will excel at first in Pettines scheme. But like any other great player or anyone of any profession, they adapt. Jackson is a great talent and should be able to adapt to any scheme, or system presented by any football team.

Yes, Jackson has his weaknesses. Such as speed issues, 14 career starts, maybe easily influenced by fakes at the line of scrimmage, etc. But he also has his strengths such as being tall with bigger arms, good ball skills, makes a play 25.7 percent of his targets, and anticipates routes. Jackson is good, but has problems like any other player. These are fixable scratches.

At the end of the day Josh Jackson is a great player! and should do big things with the Green Bay Packers. All his problems can be fixed, and his strengths can be utilized effectively and improved upon. Truly exciting things to come for Green Bay and Jackson in 2018.

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