How long does Clay Matthews got?

Theirs always speculation over something when it comes to the Packers, and the tenure of Clay Matthews is just that. Clay Matthews as of late has dipped in his level of performance. Clay Matthews just isn’t playing at the level of maybe Clay in 2010, or 2011. Still Clay has an impact on the team, as an out spoken team leader, and yes at times a playmaker.

But still even with those few moments where Clay can be dominating fans question if he’s worth paying millions of dollars. Some say we should trade Clay for a draft pick, or a younger player. This is all talk though. As a decision this big would come from the higher-ups and the higher ups alone.

The main argument for keeping Clay is that he’s a team leader. Or that he’s a very influential figure in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And that he can still make an impact on the field and he can teach the younger guys on the team.

The argument against Clay is that all those things above isn’t worth keeping him for. Clay isn’t worth that much money for what he is putting out on the field. Clay is too old. Clay just doesn’t have it anymore.

It’s definitely an interesting debate and a sad one as Packers fans would hate to see the day that Matthews gets released. The dream is that Clay Matthews plays his entire career out in Green Bay. But, what we saw with Jordy that might not be likely as anything can happen especially in the NFL.

Regardless of what the Packers do or whenever they do it the decision on Clay will have a huge effect on the team.

What do you think?

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