Why 2018 is extremely important for Green Bay

Yes, its been said countless times that the door is closing for Green Bay as Rodgers gets older, and other teams get better. This is true except Rodgers can probably handle any team, and the NFL is a bizarre league so you don’t really know who’s going to be a threat each year. With that said this upcoming season is very important for the Packers as they’ve made so many changes this offseason. Green Bay needs to be good, and they should be great.

The hype is real for 2018. People are excited, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t going to be critical. This offseason was a huge risk for Mike McCarthy, Mark Murphy, and Brian Gutekunst. a lot needs to go well or these three will have a lot of explaining to do.

But most are very confident that they can pull it off this year. With a healthy Aaron Rodgers and a revamped defense there is no way this team could fail. The Packers should be a top team in 2018.

If Green Bay makes it all the way to the playoffs this year and loses people shouldn’t freak out as it’s obviously not easy to win in the NFL. And Yes, I know people hate hearing it but there is next year as the window isn’t closing that fast. Still the Packers need to make something happen this year.

Mike McCarthy’s job depends on 2018. The changes the Packers have made this year depends on 2018. If they fail than where do they go? what do they do? that’s why 2018 is very important as the entire system depends on it. We’ve seen so many teams who try to fix issues but fail miserably and end up in a hole for a decade. That can’t happen here. it just can’t.

Regardless of speculation and words printed the only way were going to find out how Green Bay performs this season is when the season starts. It’s as simple as that. .


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