Quest For Five: Introduction

The Green Bay Packers have always been a Super Bowl caliber team as long as 12 has been lining up under center. The Packers 2017 season showed how much quality the team has without 12, which struck fear into every single Packer fan who could bear to watch. The Packers instantly fell from elite status to fighting for a top 15 draft pick. The 2017 season lined the Packers up for a perfect offseason to come into 2018 at a level the NFL has yet to see.

The Packers upmost embarrassment of a season in 2017 opened the eyes of the fans to the reality of what this team has without 12 on the field, and it wasn’t pretty. However, it was necessary for the revival that needed to take place. The organization realized what this team really was without 12; crap. Now don’t get me wrong, this team does have very skilled players and talent, just not enough to make any type of playoff run. And yes people can always say “Well of course they can’t make a playoff run without their starting quarterback”… The Philadelphia Eagles just did. The Eagles did so well that they won a Super Bowl without their starting quarterback. Why? Because the organization had placed so much talent around the quarterback that the team was able to be successful even without him. I believe Green Bay has successfully started having that same mentality this offseason.

I will be writing a weekly article for the different areas the Packers have changed their mentality this offseason. The articles will be based on the following areas:

  • Quarterback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End
  • Offense as a whole
  • Defensive Line
  • Defensive Backs
  • Defensive Coordinator
  • Defense as a whole
  • GM
  • Organization as a whole

The article is titled Quest For Five based on the Green Bay Packers chase for their fifth Super Bowl title. I believe the Packers organization has revamped this team this offseason and I want to go over all the big and small adjustments I believe have set this team up for success. The articles are based off opinion and will include player and coaching staff quotes and opinions in order to help understand the opinions I have about this team. Stay tuned for a weekly article where I will break down the areas discussed for the Green Bay Packers offseason.

Hunter Tonn, writer for TRSN Green Bay. Can be found on Twitter: @SportsTalkTonn

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