If you think the Eastern Conference Finals are over after Game 1, you might be the biggest idiot on the planet

Look, I am a big time LeBron hater and I would absolutely love to see the Celtics sweep the Cavs and chase LeBron out of Cleveland…again. But as much as I’d love for that to happen, I’ve seen this movie too many times, so I know that counting LeBron out after game 1 is the dumbest thing you can do. Game 1 to LeBron is what the regular season is to the Warriors, if they win great, if not no big deal. Shit, just look back at the last series against the Raptors. Even in a sweep, LeBron and the Cavs struggled in game 1. You mean to tell me that people legitimately think a short-handed Celtics team can keep up with quite possible the best physical specimen sports for 7 games? Yeah, no fucking chance bro.

The Eastern Conference finals are going exactly how LeBron wants it to go. He struggles in game 1, so that everyone loses their minds and he can make sure all the media attention is on him, but in the end it will be the same damn result. Now when I say “everyone” loses their mind, I’m not including myself. Nope, I’m too mother fucking woke to fall for it. I think this is all apart of LeBron’s strategy so he can feed his ego and talk shit to the media for doubting him. LeBron you might have everyone else fooled, you can’t fool the ultimate fact finder! Also I would love for the Warriors to beat his ass one more time before he bolts from Cleveland. I’m not even sure what the spread is, but you can bet your ass I’m taking the Cavs.

If you think about it, LeBron is kind of like the Michael Scott of the NBA. All of his employees/teammates can’t stand him, but he does still have his Dwight in James Jones, who for some god-forsaken reason loves him. Also, I’m assuming that LeBron does not reciprocate the love. As we have established, LeBron usually fucks up in the beginning but eventually figures it out and is successful some how. When you consider the fact that when Michael left, the show went to shit, you realize that LeBron is just one “that’s what she said joke” away from literally being Michael Scott.

The point is, I fully expect LeBron to win the series and if you think otherwise, you might need a psychological evaluation.


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