Trades that Should Happen before the Trade Deadline

If you’re a fan of a team who could become a buyer, you should be excited. If you’re a fan of a team that is considered to become a seller, well, you shouldn’t be excited about the trade deadline at all. So this article is intended towards the buyers but if you happen to be a fan of a seller, well, sorry. There are plenty of situations that happen before the trade deadline (injuries, a player isn’t performing well, and etc) to where teams need to trade for some players. So here are some deals that I believe are going to happen before the trade deadline

Jacob deGrom heads to the AL East

If the Mets don’t perform well in the next couple of weeks, you can imagine that they should start dealing away some players. One of those players should be Jacob deGrom. Well, Jacob deGrom doesn’t have to go anywhere too far because he’ll just have to go to the Bronx. Jacob deGrom should head to the Yankees. The Yankees are in need of a good starting rotation. So, why not?

Manny Machado gets traded to the Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are struggling offensively right now and they need an extra pop in their lineup so they are able to contend with the Brewers and Cardinals. According to MLB insider Jon Herman, the Cubs are interested in trading for Manny Machado. Just imagine that lineup. That’s scary.

Colorado Rockies trade for a first baseman

Currently, the Rockies are struggling offensively. Ian Desmond is not producing at all so the Rockies need to trade for someone that can produce. Well, the Rockies make a trade with the Chicago White Sox and they’ll receive Jose Abreu.

St. Louis Cardinals receive a bat that they’ve been wanting for a while now

The St. Louis Cardinals have been linked to Josh Donaldson for some time now. Now is a good time for the Cardinals to get him. The Blue Jays have been struggling so trade some key names (Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki, and possibly Justin Smoak) and receive some prospects and go into a rebuild mode. The Cardinals are currently competing with the Brewers and Cubs for first place in the NL Central. If the Cardinals give them a top prospect (Alex Reyes, Tyler O’Neill, or Jack Flaherty), they’ll receive Josh Donaldson and have a pretty job shot at winning the division.

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