Should the Yankees Go After Phil Hughes?

Phil Hughes was designated for assignment by the Minnesota Twins Tuesday morning. Hughes has had an awful beginning of the season posting a 6.75 earned run average in two games started and seven total appearances. Even though Hughes has struggled this season, should the Yankees take a chance on him if he passes through waivers?

Hughes played for the Yankees from 2007-2013. In his time as a Yankees, Hughes posted a 56-50 record with a 4.53 ERA in 132 starts and 182 total appearances.

Hughes could be a good addition for the Yankees. He is currently signed though the 2019 season, slated to make $13.2 million per season. The Yankees definitely have the money in order to sign him if he were to make it through the waivers, but ideally they would be able to renegotiate it. He could be used as a long relief pitcher and an emergency pitcher in a worst case scenario.

In the 5 seasons that Hughes has been in the playoffs, all for the Yankees, he has posted a 4.54 ERA in 18 appearances, while starting 5 of those appearances. In 18 post season appearances, he has pitched a total of 39.2 innings with a 2.11 strikeout to walk ratio.

Yankees fans may remember what Hughes did for the team in 2009, the last time they won the World Series. He appeared in 3 games in all three series, (ALDS, ALCS, and the World Series) and pitched a total of 6.1 innings in relief efforts to help the Yankees clinch their first Championship in 9 years

Whereas I still believe the Yankees need to go out and get another established starting pitcher, Phil Hughes could be great for this young team, especially with his postseason experience, if they can find a way not to pay the entire $13.2 million that is owed to him.

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