Packers Post Draft Report: J’Mon Moore

J’Mon Moore is the Packers 4th Round, 133rd overall pick out of the University of Missouri. Moore is 6’3” 185 pound receiver. Throughout his college career Moore improved his stats every season, as seen in the table below.

Year Games Receptions Yards Average Touchdowns
2014 1 2 33 16.5 0
2015 11 29 350 12.1 3
2016 12 62 1012 16.3 8
2017 13 65 1082 16.6 10

Throughout him time at Mizzou Moore wasn’t asked to run a wide variety of routes due to the limitation of the offense that he was a part of.  According to Bleacher Report Moore is a “good athlete with a lot of potential as an NFL receiver.”

If you watched the Senior Bowl, you will have noticed that J’Mon became more and more frustrated with the corner backs when they became physical with him.

Also noted if you had watched any of Moore’s games at Mizzou, which he seemed to have a lot of timely fumbles, something that is not ideal if you are going to be a trusted wide receiver, especially in a pass heavy offense. In the past, the Packers have not worried too much about fumbles by their receivers in their college career, especially when you look at what receivers like Jordy Nelson and James Jones had done during their time in Green Bay.

Since Moore was the first of the three receivers drafted by the Packers, one would assume that he would be the most likely candidate to become a starter over the others. That is not necessarily true, but the Packers obviously saw something with Moore that they were willing to invest a 4th round pick on him.

It’ll be interesting to see what J’Mon will do in Green Bay with the greatest quarterback to every play the game throwing to him and the veterans at receiver in the likes of Randall Cobb and Devante Adams. If Moore can put up numbers in Green Bay like he did his senior season in Mizzou, Packers fans will be welcoming him warmly in the stands when he joins them with the Lambeau Leap!

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