Jake Spille’s MLB All-Star Team

We are a month away from the Major League All-Star Game in Washington D.C. I think it’s cool that the fans control who’s going. Sometimes, the fans are biased and go with the household name than a guy who actually deserves to be there. If it was up to me, I would pick every Rockies player but that would never happen. So, here is my All-Star team.

AL Starters

First Base: Jose Abreu

Second Base: Jose Altuve

Shortstop: Manny Machado

Third Base: Jose Ramirez

Outfield: Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts, Mike Trout

NL Starters:

First Base: Freddie Freeman

Second Base: Ozzie Albies

Shortstop: Trevor Story

Third Base: Nolan Arenado

Outfield: Bryce Harper, Charlie Blackmon, Christian Yelich

Well, if you disagree with me, go to MLB.com and vote. Your vote does matter.

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