Grading the Mat Latos fight

Video of fight

Since the MLB has gone soft on me, I figured I’d venture into the independent league and grade the Mat Latos fight. First off, let’s go ahead and acknowledge the fact that Mat Latos, who once went 21 games without a loss; is now pitching in the independent league…the freaking independent league. I’m glad to see he’s really honed in that accuracy though, seeing as he through at the batter (name irrelevant) and missed twice. Look, if you’re a 30 years old who struggled with accuracy in your major league career find so you find yourself in the independent league and are trying to throw at a guy…at least hit him on the 2nd attempt. You can bet every major league scout has seen that video and they can’t like what they saw. If Latos was on any teams radar, I can say with confidence that he isn’t anymore.

I’m not quite sure why this fight started but apparently it started because the batter ran over Latos’ catcher. I do give Latos credit for pretending like he actually gives a shit about his independent league teammates, but that gets negated when you don’t actually hit the guy…twice.

Latos does redeem himself with the stare down and a walk towards the plate, which is pretty damn intimidating considering Latos is standing at 6’6”. I know I’d probably shit my pants. Luckily for the batter, the guy who’s on deck decided this was the royal rumble and comes outta nowhere to save his teammate and proceeds to get body slammed…advantage Latos. Probably not the wisest decision by that guy, maybe next time he’ll just sit back and let his teammate get his ass kicked. Then one of Latos’ teammates comes charging in to really stir up the pot. In response, the batter runs out and throws some sort of cross between a body check and close line, which is really smart when you’re trying to become a professional baseball player. Yeah, it’s not like he’ll need that arm later or anything. From there on out it essentially became a “hold me back” fight, where everyone pretends they’re gonna do something but in reality they just wanna look cool and yell: “Hold me back!”

As far as a grade goes there were 2 things that improved this fights’ grade. One is that someone on Latos’ team had some blood drawn, so that’s a positive. The other is the umpire tossing people out of the game mid fight. What the hell does this ump think that is doing? Seriously, do you think mid fight someone is gonna see the umpire toss them, stop and be like: “God damnit I just got tossed, now I have to stop fighting?” Hell no, if you even notice you’re attitude is gonna be fuck it, I already got tossed, might as well go all out. Hey blue how about you stick your nose in there and at least try and break that shit up? Although, I’m glad he did it this way because it does provide some comedic relief.

Overall I’d give this fight a B. This seemed a lot more hyped and relied on the former star power of Mat Latos (can’t believe I just said that) to escalate the fight to more than what it really was.

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